We have come a long way from pushy ads that promote a product and its features. Strategic buyer persona oriented storytelling offers a way to overcome ad blindness, substandard levels of ad engagement and click through rates.

Increasingly, advertisers are working hard to create stories around their brand and products – stories that will resonate with their audience on a personal level.

One challenge that 360° videos over come quite successfully is that of providing context. Instead of having an audience look at an image or video with a sense of detachment, brands can now offer consumers the opportunity to explore as much as they want and control their perspective, as they see fit. Giving consumers the chance to indulge their innate curiosity will become an essential component of engagement and interactivity.

The most effective ad is one that can communicate with the consumer on a note that they can relate to. From innovative storytelling in 360 degrees to gamification of concepts we build the experience of a lifetime for consumers to remember.

Experience Design