Despite how big Facebook and Youtube are, these platforms claim only a part of the  budget.  Advertisers are looking to spread their content across various other channels, in order to maximize their ROI and also make their spend more profitable. At V3RA we customize the solution for you and create a distribution channel perfectly suited for you.

Most companies and their marketing teams will agree that traditional advertising does not always get them the best ROI. With competition and bidding costs increasingly rapidly, it has become imperative for advertisers to strategize effective means of getting their message across. Marketers also face the annoying challenge of creating ads that are forcibly limited to a tiny space, , bound by character limits.

V3RA helps you break through these chains to come up with innovative campaigns around the subject of 360 degrees and Virtual Reality that grant marketers the freedom to be limitlessly creative and offer far more ad real estate.

Stock photos of  Google Cardboard and Oculus

Distribution of 360 degree content and VR content is the most crucial step in achieving results. Here are a few mediums we help distribute the content.

  • Design & build custom HTML5 web players.
  • Android and IOS application.
  • YouTube and Facebook.
  • GearVR, HMD
  • Google Cardboard viewing.
  • VR Kiosk

Development and Distribution