When planning a 360 degree video, understanding the use-case of the video and selecting the right medium to go about it is very important. V3RA plans the end to end architecture of the 360 degree marketing plan along with your team. Together we come up with a necessary list of things to be executed on the road ahead. With Global platforms like YouTube and Facebook having capability to run 360 degree videos, most of the digital marketing fundamentals remain constant.

Traditional videos show only what the director chooses to show you. But in 360 degree videos, the parameters of filming change completely. Here is a small table to give you how conventional videos and 360 degree videos differ.

Parameters which change from a conventional video to 360 degree video
Technique Narrative Change Technical Change
Composition and Perspective Very High Very High
Editing Very High Very High
Camera Movement Moderate Moderate
Color and Lighting Low High
Focus Low High
Graphics and Data Visualization High High
Color Correction High High
Audio Moderate High

We are all acutely aware that this emerging medium, while exciting, represents significant changes for the practice of journalism. Virtual reality presents a new technical and narrative form. It requires new cameras, new shooting and editing processes, new viewing infrastructure, new levels of interactivity, and can leverage distributed networks in new ways.


This is where we analyse market trends in your industry and decide the best approach for your brand. Including tailored plans for your needs that include 360 degree Video, Static Virtual Reality video, VR walkthrough video, and Scripted VR Video Ads. With our experience in this medium, we implement the concept in the right manner.

We do R&D and Technology development whenever required. Custom made rigs for different settings, custom support equipment for those unique shots. Be it underwater or in the air, we have it covered.


The execution of the developed plans include scheduled shoots. Our stories are made to evoke wonder and beauty in the viewer as they unravel your brand’s message. We put the viewer in the director’s seat. The skills we gained in conventional medium and 360 degree medium can be best viewed when we are in action during the shoot. To understand the complexity of the filming process, it’s useful to realize that the camera rig is an improvised, immature combination of technologies.


Binding together the footage from “X” cameras to create an immersive sphere video that conveys the reality in 360 degrees is the magic trick that makes it unique. While a lot of studios work hard trying to play with one video, we feel ourselves equipped with god’s strength to play around with 6-12 videos at the same time.

Post Production

Final editing, Recording of dialogues or voiceovers and color correction all form part of the post production service. The final output is delivered in your required format and also uploaded as  360 degree video to Youtube at your discretion.

360 Video Production